Adopting from Russia - What To Pack for Infants & Toddlers

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Bottles, liners, nipples for infants
Sippy cups
for toddlers. Bring both the leak proof ones and the low-tech leaky kind (a plastic spout that snaps on the cup) in case the child doesn't know how to suck from the leak-proof top.

Formula for infants. Pediatricians say to take soy based formula in case the child is allergic to milk. Bring more than you think you will need. Orphans have huge appetites for the first few weeks. Some couples report their 6 to 9 month olds drinking 60 oz/day for the first few days! Powdered formula is easier to carry and can be mixed with boiled or bottled water.

Diapers and wipers - 6 or more diapers per day.

Cotton balls

A&D ointment for diaper rash
Amoxycillin powder
Get prescription from your pediatrician
Hydrocortisone cream (1%) and nail files (file the nails if the kid is scratching)

Finger puppets
Music box
or musical toy

Small garbage bags for dirty clothes and dirty diapers.

Hand lotion

Pedialyte or Kaolectrolyte for diarrhea. If you can't find it at any drugstore, try this website.

Lollipops for airplane ascents & descents.
We found hard ginger snaps lasted a long time and worked like pacifiers. We recommend them.

Liquid Benadryl for allergies. Get dosage from your pediatrician.
Infant Tylenol
and Motrin. Maximum dosages: Tylenol: 15mg/kilogram. Motrin: 10mg/kilogram. Note that the concentrations are such that the same volume of medicine makes the same dosage. For example, if your child weighs 22 pounds (10kg), both 1tsp of tylenol (160mg) or 1tsp of Motrin (100mg) is the right dose.
Medicine spoon and oral syringes in case the child is uncooperative.
for coughs and stuffy noses. Get dosage from your pediatrician.
Thermometer, vaseline

Some people prefer to buy an already made-up medical kit that someone has thought about the contents of. You can find such a kit at Note that you must get any prescreiptions from your doctor and fill them yourself.

Rubber pants in case of diarrhea.

Long shoelaces or bungee cords

Snuggli or other baby carrier However, some folks found the front carrier too hot to use in the summertime.

Toys We brought a music box which we hung over the crib with a shoelace. Soft 'activity' dolls that lace, button, tie, etc. A couple of stuffed animals.

Umbrella stroller Even in the winter, you need an umbrella stroller (aka immobilizer) for airports. When there isn't snow on the ground it is useful in Russia, too.

Wash cloths

<< What to Pack - General Packing & Preparing for Older Children >>
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