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My top 4 recommendations:

APR mailing list Eastern European Adoption Coalition Adoptive Parent Russia mailing list. About 2000 people subscribe to the list. There are about 50 messages/day, sent in batches of 400 lines or so. If you can't find answers here in Adopting from Russia, you will probably get a fast answer from the mailing list, but you will have to sift through a lot of unrelated messages.

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA) message board. The best message board. Medical information and many links. A comprehensive site with links to BCIS information, description of the adoption process, adoption stories and more. Eastern European Adoption Coalition. Agency references; travel info and links; mailing lists; packing lists. Adoption resources Resources and insights about children adopted at ages two and above. Also available is an Older child Adoption email newsletter.

Three overviews of the international adoption process: 1 2 3
Homestudy overview
Order BCIS forms

"International Orphan Adoption in Russia" by the US Embassy in Moscow.

Adoption information for Canadians.

Instructions for getting the visa from the Russian Consulate in San Francisco.
Instructions for getting the visa from the Russian Embassy in Washington.

More information about Russian visas.
Northwest Airlines discounts for international adoptions

US Embassy in Moscow
State Department information on adopting in Russia

CDC Travel Information
Russia for
Russian cuisine
Moscow weather
Russian hotel listings (three places to start browsing from): 1 2 3
Karen Holt's adoption links
Adoption-oriented newsletter from Moscow
Russian culture and language
The alphabet and 42 phrases
Learn Russian on the Web

Browse Russian websites translated into English

List of accredited agencies (in English)
(in Russian)
Adoptions and Aid International (Formerly Russian Liaison)
Alaska International Adoption
Building Blocks Adoption Service, Inc.
Children at Heart Adoption Services, Inc.
Children's Hope International
Dove Adoptions International
European Adoption Consultants
First Steps International Adoption
Frost International Adoptions
Focus On Children
Hand in Hand
Independent / Dr. Alex Sander
Independent / Irina O'Rear PA
International Assistance Group
Kidsave International
Rainbow House International
Small World Charity
Stork Adoption Agency
Tedi Bear Adoptions
Tree Of Life
Wide Horizons for Children

Yahoo eGroup about independent adoptions.

Cathy Harris's Ukranian Adoption page
Ukrainian adoption mailing list
Post-adoptive Ukrainian mailing list

Open Door Society Adoption Community of New England (ODSACONE)
Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA)

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